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Oh you beautiful Golden Goddess • You look gorgeous • Have you been on vacation? • Where did you get your tan?
In the last 20 years, not much has changed in the tanning lamp business. Our company, the Tanning Supply Shop, in Weyauwega, WI, began working with companies that wanted to change that. We spent 3 years working with some of the largest manufacturers developing new lamps. Unfortunately, many of these companies sold and manufacturing was sent overseas. We wanted to support American jobs. So we ventured out with all the knowledge we had gained and created a new and better lamp. A lamp that had an ideal UVB/UVA ratio, less photo aging effect, cathode guards to prevent ends from blackening, double phosphor coating for even UV output along the entire length of the lamp and premium grade phosphors for maximum life.
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Golden Goddess Bronzer Hp Developed in the USA, Most Cost Effective Lamp on the market and it is more affordable than any comparable lamp on the market. Could the choice be any simpler for you?
One of only 2 brands made in the USA Long life up to 1200 hours Most advanced lamp phosphors 20%more output than comparable lamps 50% less photo aging UV light Costs 30% less than comparable lamps Perfect blend of UVA and UVB
Shields prevent ends from blackening Maintains output throughout life of the lamp Stocked sizes F59, F71, F72, F73 Special order sizes F74, F75, F79 Watts 80, 100, 140, 160, 180, 200
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The Golden Goddess Tanning Lamp This lamp is the best on the market and is designed to give you fast bronzing results, at an affordable price. This is the best lamp for the price guaranteed.
Made in the USA Designed to give great results at a low cost 800 hour phosphor 20% more output than comparable lamps
Fast results Maintains output throughout life of the lamp Stocked sizes F71, F72, F73 Watts 80, 100
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Other Awesome Brands of Tanning Lamps We Sell We carry a full line of the following brand names:
Sun for Life, Wolff Tanning Lamps Cosmedico Tanning Lamps Voltarc Tanning Lamps Philips Tanning Lamps
Interlectric Corporation Tanning Lamps Heraeus Tanning Lamps Lightsource Tanning Lamps
Give The Tanning Supply Shop a call today and we will send you any of the above tanning lamps. We ship anywhere in the USA.